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"My son has been with his Hummingbird family since he was 5 months old. It is always hard to leave your little one, no matter what age, at a day care. But I wouldn’t ever call Hummingbird just a day care. It is so much more. It was always Zayyan’s home away from home. There were days he didn’t want to leave me but so many more where he would eagerly cuddle his caretaker and wave goodbye, all smiles. The nurses kept me up to date of his wellbeing regularly, the reception staff dropped notes during stressful work days on his little antics, the bi-weekly letters and weekly calendars telling me the different topics and activities they would be learning explained the variety topics they were learning, the personalized notes and artwork they would send home brought his day experience to life for us, the weekly pictures uploaded for us to coddle over kept us entertained over the weekend, the activities they planned for parents and kids helped stimulate child-parent interaction, the suggested ‘at-home’ activities to ensure we don’t let the ball drop while at home was very helpful for any new parent and the daily notebook with their eating, sleeping and pooping schedule to make sure we know whether our kids are eating, sleeping and pooping on time! These were all but a few things that convinced me that Zayyan was in the best place, the best environment and definitely with the best people. A huge heart-warming huggable thank you to each one of the Hummingbird family for their input in Zayyan’s first 2 years. We will miss you. A lot. "

– Amna Ahmed

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