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If you feel as excited as we do about the EYFS curriculum and would like your child to experience the joy of lifelong learning in a stimulating and fun-filled environment, register with us today!

Registration Procedure

Please apply online directly from our website, or download our forms and email to us.

Upon acceptance of your application please submit the following:

  • 4 passport-sized photographs of your child
  • Completed medical form
  • Child’s passport copy, including residency page
  • Sponsors passport copy
  • Photocopy of vaccination records
  • Child’s Emirates ID copy
  • Child’s Birth Certificate Copy

Download our registration form and email it to info@hummingbird.ae. Alternatively, you can apply online and our Centre Manager will contact you at the earliest.

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Consent for photographs:

I agree for Hummingbird Nursery to take photographs of my child which may be used for social media and advertising including website and newsletters?


Consent for Uniform Policy:

Click here to download link Uniform-policy


Consent for school excursions:

I agree for hummingbird to take my child on supervised excursions outside the nursery premises for educational purposes?


Does your child require any learning support? If so, provide details:

Consent for healthy child check-up

I declare that I agree that a Family Medicine Doctor/Pediatrician from Al Fuad Medical Centre will perform a healthy child check-up for my son/daughter registered with Hummingbird Nursery LLC.

I understand that agreement to accept these services is called a Healthy Child check-up consent and that it includes physical examinations and administration of medications as necessary, only as prescribed by a physician authorized by DOH, with a valid license in UAE.

I understand that these services will be provided by either nurses, physicians, dentists, physician’s assistants, and other healthcare providers.

I consent that relevant Al Fuad Medical Centre staff may access my son/daughter’s personal medical records for processing their report regarding the health status of my child.

I acknowledge that the results of healthy child check-ups will be communicated to me through the school nurse.

I further acknowledge that, I can have access to medical services of Al Fuad Medical Centre in case I need to follow up on a medical condition related to my child as facilitated by Hummingbird Nursery LLC.

I understand that my agreement to accept all of these services will remain in effect unless I say that I no longer want these services.

Parent Signature:


Commitment by Parents:

I understand that this is a supervised program, but the continued care and well-being of my child is still my responsibility and I also agree to be bound by all the policies of hummingbird.

I agree to wavier and release hummingbird, and their affiliates, employees, other children, and sponsoring agencies from and against any and all claims, injuries, liabilities, or damages that may arise as a result of my child's participation in any and all of the hummingbird activities and use of the play area equipment.

Parent Signature:


Please submit the following documents to complete your child's enrolment:

Registration Form Submission

Medical Form Submission

Copy of child's vaccination record

Birth certificate

Passport copies

Emirates ID copies

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