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We believe that a parent’s involvement in nursery life enriches a child’s experience..

We understand the importance of parent involvement in school life, which is why we work together with parents and encourage them to be actively involved in our children’s learning – from reading stories to joining us on our fun days and events.

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We do this by

Making parents feel welcome and valued.

Respecting and understanding parents’ roles in their child’s education.

Listening to parents’ concerns and accounts of their child’s development.

Keeping parents informed about the curriculum via newsletters, displays, photos and videos.

Offering regulary parent teachers meetings throughout the year.

Policies and Procedures

with parents

We encourage the sharing of information and updates on a daily basis, and therefore have introduced an application for parents to receive news about their child regularly. Teachers and teacher assistants will be sharing photos, schedules important information, events etc… so that parents can always be notified about their child’s day at the nursery.

and transitions

Designed to help a new child settle in and build parents’ confidence in our staff and routines, we carry out a transitioning period where we work around your child’s needs. We encourage you to start with 1 hour, and then slowly increase the hours over their first month with Hummingbird. Before a child moves from the nursery to the pre-school we take them on daily transitioning visits to slowly build up the amount of time they spend in the pre-school. Parents are also encouraged to visit the pre-school.

Open door

Committed to working with parents to resolve any problems or concerns regarding their child’s wellbeing, we operate an ‘open-door’ policy wherein parents can speak directly to their child’s teacher. Any other issues regarding the nursery / pre-school should be taken to the Centre Manager who will arrange a meeting to discuss the matter further. Through careful guidance, we offer parents the peace of mind that not only are their children receiving a high quality early education, but also that this is being provided in a nurturing, stimulating and secure environment.

Health, safety and security

Entrances to centres are fitted with a keypad security door.

Centres are cleaned and sanitised regularly throughout the day.

Each centre is fitted with 24 hour CCTV surveillance.

All teaching staff hold a relevant childcare and /or teaching qualification.

All staff hold a Paediatric First Aid certificate.

To ensure the wellbeing of your child, we have employed a sufficient number of full-time DHA licensed nurses who are on site at all times.

Our nurses are responsible for maintaining each child’s medical records, tracking and recording their height and weight as well as monitoring the general health and safety of children in the centre. If required nurses can administer medicine to children on parents’ behalf. We also hold monthly ‘Bouncy Beans sessions’ to teach children about health and safety. The ministry requires us to maintain immunisation records for all children. Parents are thus requested to inform the centre’s nurse when their child’s immunisations are updated. We ask parents to inform us of any changes in their contact details so we can easily reach them in case of an emergency. If parents plan to travel out of the country, they are requested to provide us with the contact number of their child’s temporary guardian.
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