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June 12 , 2019

What to do with your kids during the Dubai Summer

Hello Summer!

Summer has hit Dubai in its hot and humid glory! With the temperatures soaring it can be difficult to explore and play outside and keeping your child entertained in doors is a challenge!

At Hummingbird we remain open throughout the summer months, offering fun and educational activities for children to explore, providing parents peace of mind knowing their child is having a ball in a safe and secure environment!


Summer Splash Activities:

  • Under the sea painting: encourage your child to explore colours by providing them with water-based paint, tools and your bathtub! They can wholeheartedly paint their under the sea canvas and wash it away with a quick turn of the tap!
  • Fruity lollipops: your children can explore their taste bud preferences by helping to create fruity lollipops in the kitchen; provide a selection of fruits, water and freezable containers and let their imagination soar- once frozen they can enjoy eating their creations to cool off.
  • Sensory bags: a great way to explore colour and textures is to use the following materials to create sensory bags- ziplock bags, jelly, paint, water, food colouring and small toy models. Create a range of bags and stick them onto a sunny window- your child can explore by moving the toys around or even create new colours by overlapping the ziplock bags.


Don’t forget Hummingbird is open throughout the summer months, offering flexible packages and exciting weekly activities; with a big celebration of the weeks entertainment every Thursday!

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