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January 7 , 2019

Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

Travelling with children can be daunting. You need to worry about getting yourself, your children and your baggage to the airplanebefore taking on the flight!

The best way to enjoy a calm flight is to be well prepared.

Here are some tips to make sure your family is ready for both, short and long-haul flights!

  • Pack a Toy Bag

Make sure you pack your children’s favourite toys, scribbling tools and storybooks. Do not go overboard with the items, just the essentials.

  • Technology

Bring along your family tablet for toddlers – before heading out to the airport, make sure you have downloaded educational games. Your child can play games or look at photo albums together with you. Even smaller babies can be distracted for 10 minutes by a cartoon with a catchy song and it can be just long enough to enjoy your in-flight meal or avoid a tantrum.

  • Snacks

Not only is packing snacks a great way to keep your child busy but helps with acclimatising their ears to the altitude pressure, chewing or drinking fluids helps to keeps the eustachian tubes free (especially during takeoff and landing).

  • Pack a Small Change or Emergency Bag

Always keep plenty of wet wipes and a set of spare clothes available. Even if your older children might be potty-trained, keep some emergency pull-ups. In the unfortunate event of your child being poorly when you fly, have handy an emergency stash (no more than 100ml) of Calpol. Ear drops are also a winner for coping with altitude change.

  • Play Pilot

Kids scared of flying? Turn the whole flying experience into a game. Role-play with them and let them be the pilots or flight attendants. Play everything that normally happens onboard. This really helps to avoid pre-flight and in-flight panic.

  • Use Available Resources

You can create toys with your child using water bottles, empty packets, cutlery (keeping safety in mind). Use the items to build structures, create sensorial bottles or role-play.

  • Chat Time

If you are travelling home, talk about the family members you’re going to see and what stories your child can share with a grandparent or aunt. If you’re are travelling to a new country, talk about what you’re going to see and make a to-dolist based on your child’s interests. Build up their excitement for the upcoming adventure.

  • Explore the Plane

Toddlers are naturally curious – let them explore their environment under your watchful eye! Walk down the aisleor test out the facilities!

If you’re are comfortable to do so, introduce your child to a neighbouring passenger or apologise for possible disruptions.

We hope these tips help in some small way for your next adventure; happy travelling!

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