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August 9 , 2018

Head Teacher Feature – Ms Jodie, Hummingbird Pre-School

Ms Jodie will be heading our Foundation Stage Department, leading the team for our FS1 and FS2 Equivalent programmes. She first worked with Hummingbird Early Learning Centre in 2015 until 2017 when she took a year’s sabbatical to finish her PGCE in EarlYearsrd Education from the UK. Ms Jodie brings back years of teaching experience to our pre-school and we are immensely excited to welcome her back!


Why did you become a teacher?


It might sound clichéd, but I became a teacher because I wanted to have a positive impact on children’s learning and development and make a difference in their lives. It is my dream job as no two days are the same and I have the opportunity to work with some amazing children and can play a part in their development.


What is changing in Early Years Education?


Early Years Education is forever changing in order to ensure that children are receiving the most effective teaching in the most effective environments. Recent changes have been committed to ensuring that education is child-centred and learning through play is encouraged. There is also greater importance placed on parental engagement ensuring that strong and effective home-school links are made.


What is the value of a children’s experience at FS2 with your class vs. school?


There are countless benefits of continuing on to FS2 at Hummingbird Pre-School rather than transitioning to a larger school in Dubai. One of which is the fact that the smaller class size enables children’s learning to be personalised and allows teaching to be catered to meeting the diverse needs of children in the classroom. Another advantage is that children continuing from FS1 at Hummingbird will already be settled and class time can be focussed on learning and development rather than transitioning, for new children starting in FS2 the smaller centre and classes ensure transitioning runs smoother and is less daunting.


What is your must-have classroom resource?


My must-have classroom resources are books. They have the ability to capture the imagination of children and adults alike and are an incomparable resource that can be used to enhance children’s development across all areas of the curriculum.

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