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November 11 , 2019

Tasty treats in October!

In October, we became Junior MasterChef’s!

Building a positive relationship with food is an important stepping stone for a child to eat a range of healthy and delicious meals as they grow into active and energetic explorers!

This month our babies explored different whole fruits and vegetables, and had a grand time completing taste tests of fruits- until we tasted some very sour lemons!

We completed some twisty obstacle courses to ensure that we also used up the energy we gained from eating our food.

Our team in Hummingbird Nursery discussed the importance of Baby Lead Weaning with parents and guided a few new nibblers giving solid foods a go!

Meanwhile, in our Abu Dhabi branch, the children created and decorated their very own gingerbread house! You will be able to see this displayed at our Taste of Abu Dhabi stand this coming weekend (8-9 November).

Our pre-schoolers in the DIFC took a more artistic approach when exploring vegetable by creating their own shapes and using them to paint!

All branches had a blast celebrating Halloween- we had visits from ghosts and goblins, dinosaurs, princesses and a few superheroes! The children explored different costume ideas, decorated some pumpkins, explored slime and navigated their way through spider web obstacle courses!

In November we will shift our focus to our community and those who support us, look at important people in our lives and how we can help our friends!


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