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October 7 , 2019

Settling into nursery after traveling

Coming back to nursery after an enjoyable vacation with mom, dad and other family members can be tough for little ones just as it is tough for us to get back into our work routines. It takes some time to readjust into what we are used to doing and to settle back into the fast-paced life in Dubai. There are ways you can try to make this transition easier for both parents and children.

Here are a few tips:

  • Try not to be nervous and anxious yourself as the energy will be sensed by your little one
  • Do not expect your child to cry or act a certain way as children react the way their parents think they will
  • Try arranging a meet up with other children- from the nursery before the first day back. Getting them familiar being around other children will help
  • At home you could make some of the activities that your little one enjoys at nursery- play dough making, playing with the balls, painting
  • Show your little one pictures from nursery and ask them to tell you the names of their teachers and classmates
  • Allow your little one to have a good night’s rest and try encourage them to follow the usual routine
  • Buy new nursery items such as a new backpack to put their things in, a new lunch bag or new water bottle
  • Speak about going to nursery- about the staff, about their friends and about the activities that they will do there
  • As hard as it may be to leave your little one crying as a parent the best thing to do is to drop and go
  • Say goodbye to your child and let them know you are coming back to get them afterwards

Hummingbird’s open door policy allows parents the option to come visit their little ones during the day or just check up on them by speaking to our specialist teachers. Transitions can be tough under any circumstance, but we’re here to help you through them!


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