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December 7 , 2019

November and the EYFS

November has been a month of exploring what we would like to do when we grow up and how we can help our communities; the children have learnt about careers; we have a lot of firemen and ballerinas in the making! We also explored what we think would be a job in the future; some of our children are going to be working on Mars!

We have explored helping our communities by taking part in upcycling projects like creating our supermarket using boxes and bottles from home and creating some imaginative toys using junk!

Hummingbird Nursery Abu Dhabi had a great time learning about the importance of brushing our teeth when the dentist came to visit! The kids also had a great time putting out fires when we role-played being firemen. In Hummingbird Nursery Bays square, we had so much fun dressing up as police officers and firefighters; the children loved donning their chef hats and even made pizzas! Hummingbird Nursery DIFC also explored brushing teeth with our nurses and had a blast exploring our firefighting window activities. And finally, at Hummingbird Pre-school we had lots of fun turning our role play area into a supermarket using junk!

All Hummingbird centres celebrated the 48th UAE National Day by exploring what makes the UAE unique; spices, animals, buildings and special traditions. We enjoyed listening and partaking in traditional Emarati music and dance. We also loved tasting traditional foods, especially the luqaimat! We are very lucky to live in such a diverse community!

In December we kick off our ‘Wild World’ theme, our students can look forward to some fantastic travel as we explore every corner of the globe! We will take part in different dances and explore music from every continent. Did you know that Australia is the same size as the United States of America? And that Bedouin means ‘desert people’?

Make sure you pop in for our December events! All Hummingbird Centres will hosting some magical winter special days and everyone is welcome to join the festivities!

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