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December 17 , 2018

Moving on Up! – A Guide to Transitioning

  1. Communicate with your child – Ask your child about their new classes, their new teachers and their new friends. Always encourage open communication about their days.
  2. Talk to your child’s new teachers – Us teachers love to talk and will be more than happy to communicate with you about your child and the new class they will be moving in to.
  3. Arrange play dates with children moving to the same classes – These can ease the transitioning period by ensuring your child has good friends who they comfortable with in their class with them.
  4. Adjust your schedule at home –   
  5. Don’t panic! – Remember not to worry, it may take a couple of weeks for your child to settle into their new class but it will be worth it and they’ll soon be ready to start hitting some new milestones.
  6. The most important suggestion we have for parents starting a child in our classroom is to say a quick, confident goodbye.


~ Ms. Jodie

Head of Foundation Stage

Hummingbird Pre-School, DIFC


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