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June 12 , 2019

Hummingbird Summer Splash Camp

Welcome to Hummingbird’s Summer Splash Pass – a 9 week Summer Camp program providing round the clock care and education to your little ones during the hot season in Dubai!

Following the EYFS curriculum, children aged 4months to 6years can enjoy weekly themes purposely designed to stimulate their development in a safe and encouraging environment. Each week will focus on a different Summer theme along with a special party at the end of each week. All children will participate in this end of theme celebration and can invite their friends and families along to enjoy the fun too. Themes will be delivered to children through sensory play, arts and crafts, role play, and of course lots of fun indoor summer activities to keep busy during the hot months.

Weekly themes range from a transformed indoor beach nursery, growing an edible garden, preparing healthy summer treats, going on adventures and to close off the camp a week on Summer Camp Passports. If you are traveling this Summer, rest assure you and your child can choose the Summer Camp theme that suits you best!

This Summer Camp is not simply a Camp, but a great step towards big school preparation as all the key areas of their learning journey will be covered through the British EYFS curriculum.

Weekly Themes –

  1. A day at the beach
  2. Summer Splash Play
  3. We’re Going Fishing
  4. My Lemonade Stand
  5. My Vegetable Garden
  6. Holiday time Let’s Travel
  7. Sailing on a boat
  8. Building Sand Castles
  9. Summer Passport Stamps


Prices are flexible, choose the timings that suit you and we’ll adapt your child’s learning journey accordingly –

  • 4 hours a day – 600dhs/week
  • 6 hours a day – 1020dhs/week
  • 8 hours a day – 1400dhs/week

Prices cover 5 days a week, but feel free to go on our Summer Camp FlexiPass –

  • 60dhs/hour *min 4 hours a day, 1 day a week

*Book for 2 weeks of Summer Camp and enjoy a complimentary 4 hour Summer Camp Pass!

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