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October 25 , 2018

Developmental Milestones: What Helps Your Baby Learn and Grow?

The end goal of any parent who takes the decision to place their child in a nursery is to see their infant, toddler or pre-schooler reach key developmental milestones.

While choosing a nursery, your child and you need to step into an environment that immediately immerses you into a warm, welcoming, colourful and interactive space. It should also have clearly defined areas and filled with stimulating tactile experiences.

Peer interaction is crucial as children learn how to share, communicate and problem-solve while their brains are in the developmental phase and as their personalities are being shaped. Interaction with ‘quality’ adults is equally valuable, exposing them to early years’ mentors and responsible figures other than their parents.

Hala’s son started nursery aged four months and, by the time he transitioned to school, she reports that he had blossomed into a thrilled, curious, polite and balanced boy. He also has a positive attitude to learning and interacting with other children.

“Having had this experience, it was a no-brainer to enrol my second son at the earliest opportunity. What many parents don’t realise, is that even babies need to learn to develop and stay challenged. Spending time at home may seem like a good plan, but this on its own robs children of an important window of faster brain development,” she says.

Raya agrees and adds: “Milestones we have noted include self-confidence and the ability to communicate and express themselves freely at a young age. For example, at two years old my son speaks fluently using vocabulary that is well above his expected age, and my daughter was the same.”

“Compared to their cousins at the same age, the massive gap between Hummingbird and other nurseries and preschools is very noticeable.” 

For Kristen whose daughters have been at nursery since they were just a few months old, the changes have been “considerable”. She notes: “My oldest daughter is now a very chatty 3½-year-old and the younger one is becoming independent.”

“One thing I continually see with them is how aware they are, and they are constantly curious and interested in the world around them. I credit this to the level of stimulation they enjoy at Hummingbird.”

Finding that balance between stimulating your baby’s brain and ensuring that it still exposes them to a world of early learning possibilities is a question you may ask yourself.

Consider the benefits of keeping your little one close to home with the comfort of knowing time spent with you and loved ones are all essential to their physical, emotional and mental development. But, equally, the proven developmental advantages of time spent in a quality nursery environment, where milestones are monitored and measured, deserve serious consideration.

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