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March 18 , 2020

Building your Child’s Routine at Home

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan


The UAE closed all educational institutes temporarily as a precautionary measure, while the world tries to contain the COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

If you ask any teaching staff in nurseries or schools, “What is the most important element of your job?” the answer will be unanimously to safeguard and protect children.

However, during this mandated closure of all educational facilities, many parents will face the challenge of creating or adjusting home routines for children staying and learning at home.

Implementing Routines is very important to a child’s development. It can help them develop a sense of self-security, improve their performance and reduce the frequency of problematic behavior.

Here is where we can help. There is no universal routine that every baby and toddler can follow. However, some guidelines can help you develop the best method for your child and your family’s needs.

Baby Routine Tips:

  •  Newborn baby schedules can be challenging to pin down. Instead, begin to work on your baby’s understanding of day and night!
  • Create a feeding schedule: Develop this by consulting your pediatrician and follow your child’s cues to determine the regularity of mealtimes.
  •  Create a sleep schedule: once your baby is old enough, begin to implement a sleep pattern of scheduled nap times during the day and a scheduled sleeping time at night. Again, consult your pediatrician for more information. You can develop your baby’s understanding of the routine by creating daily habits where sleep time follows bath time. You can soften the lights and play calm music before sleep time.

Toddler Routine Tips:

  • Create a schedule that works for your child and the family. Routine gives your child a sense of security, as they know what will happen next!
  • Create a customised routine chart for your child using photos of the different rooms around the house, the food you prepare, the car and toys.
  • Allow your child to be responsible for assembling some of their daily routines. Responsibility will encourage them to think about their favorite activities and build on their confidence and resilience.
  • Try to stick to your routine regardless of visitors or holidays. Consistency ensures painless transitions when your visitors leave or when you return from your holiday!

The next few weeks may be daunting. But if you use a routine of activities, your child will remain active and busy. An effective routine will create a stimulating environment for your child and allow you to enjoy some quiet time.  Here is a routine we use for the older children in our nurseries which you can adapt to suit your needs!

Daily Routine for Kids











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