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April 11 , 2018

Celebrating Earth Day – 22nd April

Children are so influential and dependent in our lives because everything we do today will impact their lives in the future. Our children learn new things every day while teaching us so much along the way.

It is crucial to inform our children early on about the importance of looking after the Earth. At their young age, they won’t fully understand the impact of our decisions on the wellbeing of our planet. We can however introduce being mindful about Earth to our little ones by getting involved in some fun activities:

  • Beach/Outdoor clean up: grab a disposable bag and go for a walk and help clear any items you find along the way. This will teach them to respect the Earth and not litter.
  • Watch Dr. Seuss – The Lorax: this animated movie explains how us humans are making careless decisions without thinking about the impact it has on the environment
  • Cook an organic meal with mom and dad: make a good meal, the messier the better. Let it be a sensorial delight for everyone!
  • Explore fresh fruits and vegetables: do a tasting activity and feel the different textures. Share and discuss how they grow and where they originate from
  • Build something out of recyclable items: you could use a toilet roll as a crayon holder, empty water bottles to make shakers, Ziploc bags to make a sensory bag by filling it with a variety of different textures.

Share the pictures of your fun Earth Day activities with you and your little ones as we celebrate living on this lovely, unique planet.


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