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November 11 , 2019

Activities to explore with children on UAE National Day!

UAE National Day, 2 December, an auspicious day to celebrate the unification of the 7 Emirates! Every year at Hummingbird Nursery we celebrate National Day in Dubai by highlighting what makes the UAE and Dubai unique.

Fun Fact: The UAE was founded under the visionary leadership of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, known as the father of the nation.

A great way to learn more about the UAE is to take part in different sensory explorations and crafts!

Here are some of our favourite activities to explore during National Day celebrations at our nurseries:

Flag painting

Fun Fact: All seven emirates have their own specific flag and can fly their flag right next to the national flag during holidays or at government buildings.

A patriotic craft that children love to create is a flag created by stamping their hands into red, green, black and white paint to create the UAE National Flag.

UAE sensory tray

A great way for younger toddlers to explore the unique traits of Dubai and the UAE is to explore a sensory tray. Our favourite items to include would be a small rug or carpet, shawls, oud scented bags, coffee scented bags, dried fruits, sand, feathers, palm leaves and small jewel chests.

Emirati Culture

A fantastic way to celebrate the Emirati culture is to explore local dress customs. Dressing in traditional clothes while exploring tradition music and musical instruments is a great way for children to explore local customs. A way to immerse children in traditional culture is to eat their food on the ground with cushions around the set area in the traditional emirate manner.

Feather crafts

Fun Fact:  With the scarce desert environment, falcons helped Bedouins hunt animals native to the region, such as bustards and curlews.

A fun fine motor skill activity is to create ‘falcons’ by using toilet rolls, glue, feathers, eyes and triangles you create a falcon

Junk modeled camel

Fun Fact: Camels can drink up to 40 gallons of water in one go

A way to continue with a fun fine motor skill activity would be to create a camel out of construction paper; encouraging the children to create their own colourful camel and then using pegs to create the camels legs!

Clay painting

Creating traditional pots for cooking, serving plates or even creating a falcon or camel out of clay is lots of fun! Mix 1 cup of white school glue with 1 cup of corn flour and a tablespoon of baby oil to create your clay. Once your child’s creation is dry you can finish it off by painting it a bright gold or silver colour!


We wish all local and expat families a happy National Day!

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