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December 7 , 2019

10 tips to deal with Fussy Eaters!

Introduce as many foods as possible from an early age. You could try playing a game and blindfold your child before introducing a new food and ask him to guess what it is, this is a great way to make food exciting to eat. 

Meal times?Eating in front of the TV is distracting, and children may not notice that they are full because they’re wrapped up in screen time. The best way to influence children is by example, eating as a family is a great way to encourage the children to eat the foods that you are eating as well. 

Praise Praise children when they have eaten well or tried something new. It’s really important to hide your frustrations and to ignore some of their bad behaviour, instead focus your attention on their good behaviour, by doing this, mealtimes are likely to be less stressful and more enjoyable. 

Cooking Most children adore cooking and tasks like squeezing fresh orange juice or cracking eggs are well within the capabilities of a young child. It’s amazing how being involved in the planning and preparation of a meal can stimulate a child’s appetite. 

Vegetables If children will not eat vegetables, create recipes that vegetables can be blended into such as a tomato and vegetable sauce for pasta or mashed potato with carrot. What children can’t see, they can’t pick out. 

Don’t buy unhealthy foods. Out of sight, out of mind. If items are not around, your children can not eat them. They may resist at first, but when they get hungry, they’ll start munching the carrot sticks.

Schedule healthy snack time and stick to it. Most children like routine. If your child knows they will only get food at certain times, they’ll eat what they get when they get it.

Have healthy finger foods available.?Children like to pick up foods, so give them foods they can handle. Fruit and veggie chunks (raw or cooked) are great finger-food options.

Encourage children to eat their colours.?This works well with younger children. Food that’s bland in colour often also lacks nutrients and makes the child’s plate look dull. Try to have colourful options to enhance your child’s eating experience.

Don’t cut out treats altogether. Think moderation. Treats are ok occasionally. If you cut out all the goodies, your child will be more likely to overeat when they do get them. Make sure to moderate the treat consumption

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